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What is Dry Pond


The Denver area was settled ca. 1770 and was originally known as "Dry Pond". The community of Dry Pond derived its name from a small pond, which once stood at what is now the corner of Highway 16 and Campground Road, now the site of the local Bank of America branch. The pond would dry up in the heat of the summer.


In 1873 "Dry Pond" was renamed "Denver" by D. Matt Thompson, the local school principal. Legend has it that in the early 1870's the people of "Dry Pond" were lobbying to persuade the railroads to route rail service through the area.  Rail service held the promise of opportunity, prosperity and wealth. They worried that the name "Dry Pond" made the area sound unattractive and that it might hamper their chances with the railroads.  The school principle, being respected for his education and learning, was asked to help choose a new name that would make the area sound more appealing and help improve their chances of obtaining rail service. It was 1873 and Colorado was then being considered for admission to the Union, so Mr. Thompson suggested renaming the area after the capital of Colorado, thus the name of Denver. In 1877 the town of Denver was officially incorporated in the state of North Carolina.

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